A female pharmacist sits with a male customer in the pharmacist consultation area and discusses his prescription and choice of medication viewing the details on a digital tablet. In the background a senior woman and granddaughter stand at the dispensing counter and are served by a female pharmacy assistant .

Understanding and navigating the healthcare and insurance system is daunting for patients. Working closely with those who deliver care to patients, NewAm will chaperon patients through the complex medical system thus optimizing their care and clinical outcomes while helping to minimize their cost, confusion and inconvenience.

In essence, NewAm will integrate elements of HMOs, narrow networks, and concierge medicine while providing direct, personalized navigation to the patient through the healthcare system, eliminating cost waste and unnecessary and expensive treatments.

Meet the Team

NewAm Health is led by a team of dedicated, experienced professionals passionate about revolutionizing the current US health care payment model.

NAH Web Larry

Larry Aldrich

CEO & Co-Founder

NAH Web Mark

Mark W. Schwartz, Ph.D.

VP Strategic Alliances

NAH Web Rick

Rick Randall

President & Co-Founder

NAH Web Rory

Rory Rickert

VP Pharmacy Services

NAH Web Jody

Jody Yarbrough


NAH Web Frank

Frank Baselice

VP Marketing

Next steps ...

Offered only to groups, NewAm Health Rx will be the first in a line of health insurance products the company plans to introduce. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional 20th Century health insurance and pharmacy benefit manager models!

The key focus of our efforts will be to provide plans which direct patients to cost effective and high quality solutions. While offering our members the right medical care at fair prices, all parties share in the efficiencies created.