Healthcare First, Insurance Last®

New American Health (“NewAm”) is an innovative 21st century health care insurance company designed from the ground up to manage patient health outcomes first, while ensuring the most efficient use of medical resources.

Currently, despite the competitive marketplace, health insurance players continue to be motivated to increase the size – and their portion – of the health spending pie. Insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers are NOT motivated to bring the overall cost structure down. NewAm Health is changing this paradigm.

Pharmacy Benefit First
Our initial product offering will be a defined pharmacy benefit plan featuring unique member cost share and directed fulfillment, based on a transaction financial model, resulting in significant cost savings to the patient and the employer.

Mid adult female Caucasian pharmacy customer asks African American female pharmacist question about over the counter cold and flu medication.

Next Steps…

Offered only to groups, NewAm Health Rx will be the first in a line of health insurance products the company plans to introduce. Our mission is to disrupt the traditional 20th Century health insurance and pharmacy benefit manager models!

The key focus of our efforts will be to provide plans which direct patients to cost effective and high quality solutions. While offering our members the right medical care at fair prices, all parties share in the efficiencies created.

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