About NewAm


Who We Are

Understanding and navigating the healthcare and insurance systems can be daunting for patients. Working closely with those who deliver care to patients, NewAm will chaperon patients through the complex medical system, optimizing their care and clinical outcomes, and helping to minimize their cost, confusion and inconvenience.

NewAm Health is led by a team of dedicated, experienced professionals passionate about revolutionizing the current US health care payment model.

Pictured above, left to right: Rory Rickert, VP Pharmacy Services; John Zidich, Advisory Board Member; Jody Yarbrough, VP, CFO; Jon Wilson, Advisory Board Member; Rick Randall, President & Co-Founder; Larry Aldrich, CEO & Co-Founder; Mark M. Schwartz, Ph.D., VP, Strategic Alliances; Frank Baselice, VP Marketing.